What is Textedly:

Textedly is one of the most effective forms of communication through mobile phones,

most widely exercised by big enterprises to promote their products or services by sending alerts and recommendations.

Textedly targets the specific business through its Bulk Messages feature.

Its bulk messages feature makes it one of the most commonly used media for promotion and advertisement of products and services.

It’s more effective if you have an android phone or smartphone because these types of ph0ones are very soft and comfortable to use.


Textedly is a functional and truly text message marketing equipment with a Morales interface.

Using the SMS method for marketing and promotional purposes.

They rapidly reach their subscribers who always have their phones with them most of the time. Textedly is easy to set up and use for any ideas of your life and business.

Summary of Textedly Benefits:

  • Simple Sign-up
  • Surely Mobile
  • Limitless Keywords
  • Built-in Calendar
  • Inbox
  • Prompt Receipt
  • Extensive Contacts
  • Real-time Data
  • More expanded Messages
  • Devotion
  • Obedient Solution
  • No-Cost Incoming Messages
  • One-Time Keyword Auto-Reply
  • Scalable Application
  • Sketch of Textedly Features:

  • Mass Text Messaging
  • Shortcodes
  • Mobile Subscription
  • Mass Text Message Scheduling
  • Single Send Scheduling
  • Automated Text Replies
  • Inbox & One-to-One Texting
  • CTIA & Mobile Carrier Compliant
  • Limitless Subscribers
  • Analytics
  • Custom Subscriber Data
  • Built-In Link Shrinking
  • Outgoing & Inbound Multimedia Messaging
  • Timetable


TextBlast Bulk SMS:

This is doing the same as Textedly. we can use this app for our marketing and business promotions.

TextBlast is perfect for SMS marketing and communication. It is as easy as you think. Just follow four simple steps and you are all good to go.

1. Write your message

Before to Start
Think first “Why am I writing?” after thinking about the plane of your text,

you can choose the most suitable vocabulary and level of discussion.

Who are you writing to? Who are you send the text, and what is his level of knowledge?

Choose your language carefully and avoid words and expressions that are too hard or complicated.

2. Select your contacts

Who are in your contacts. Prepare for writing by making a plan, and looking up all the words you need before you start writing as per your contacts.

A plan helps you keep a clear focus and helps you avoid objection to your contacts. Just write down the points you keep your contacts in your mind.

3. Preview

A preview is a chance to see something such as a film, function, or invention before it is open or available to the public. Simple when you look up the preview and set your mind for one of the above mention things.

4. Send each message

  •  Having opened or created a new massage chat, type your message in the message field.
  • . To send your feelings, tap the smiley face on the left of the message field. To switch back to your keyboard, simply tap the keyboard icon that has replaced the smiley face.
  •  Drag the image; you want to send from one of the six categories.
  • Tap the send icon on the right of the message field. It's in the green signal.

If you are an android user, you can simply download the TextBlast Bulk SMS app from the Google Play store.

For I-Phone users the application is available on the App Store.

You can also download the application from https://textblast.learn.uno/

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