About Rediffmail:

Rediff mail is an internet mail service offered by, a website that hosts multiple options for shopping, moreover, Rediff is also a website for information, news, and entertainment. was established in the year 1996, it was considered amongst the best 50 such portal websites of India in the year 2019. is a subsidiary of the main webpage

Cardinal aspects / key features:

Rediffmail has unbelievably achieved the target in millions of its users. Definitely this number of users has been achieved due to attractive incentives for which the company had been working hard to complete the international market.

The main reason is the provision of free storage space to its email users. Rediff mail services have proved to be amongst the top of them. It’s been more than half a decade that Rediff mail is flawlessly serving its clients/users with a lot of free space. Here, it is pertinent to be mentioned that by unlimited free space in Rediff Mail, 1GB free space is available for the users.

Rediff mail offered this free space at very initial times when other companies did not offer this much of free space. With Rediff mail 11 Indian languages may be used. Various other features like receiving email in the mobile phones etc are also incorporated in the Red iff email services.

The company has offered few payment plans for enhancing the storage capacity of end-user clients. Moreover, POP 3 is also available in Rediff mail. Furthermore, with the passage of time, other companies have offered avail of free space to their clients.



Rediff mail is a good mail service. In the latest era of technology, multiple companies have been striving to ensure the provision of optimum solutions and facilities to the clients at a preferably free rate or at a bare minimum cost. As already described in the comparison chart all companies have few leverages and on the same side, they have made few restrictions as well over different features.

Rediff has come up with a good solution for its clients, it has got many commendable technical support features along with customer care facilities. Many options are enhanced by converting the free version to pro version, for example, you may get POP 3 access and additional availability of storage facility.

Hence in short, as far as the overall international market is considered, still lots of improving areas in order to compete with a better position. As a comparison in the general public, people opt for Gmail / Yahoo / Outlook, etc for their reliability and trust of these patent companies. Since the advancement in web-based services have emerged in a way that they directly impact the competitions between various companies, hence better options automatically become available with the client

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