Food that you can eat without having fat

Love for food directly affects one’s weight. That means, the more you eat the more you would get fat. Though excess of anything is considered as harmful and same may be applied on any kind of food as well, even if it contains very less amount of calories, however, surprisingly, still there are few types of food available which do not cause that much increase in the weight due to less calories, hence, you may eat them to reduce your appetite.

Weight reduction is also dependent on the choice of food we make, for example, if we eat a bowl full of cheese of butter and a bowl full of vegetables either fresh or boiled, these both would have entirely opposite impact on our body. Calories content in different types of food varies and it directly depends upon the type of food we are getting. Here is a list of such seven types of foods with much fewer calories is mentioned in this informative article:

Fresh Salad :


Fresh salads, consisting of raw vegetables namely cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, radishes, mushrooms, olives, parsley, cabbage, and other leafy vegetables, etc do wonders in making a better health. Eating a bowl full of fresh salad would not only make you feel fresh and energetic but on the same time much of your appetite is reduced. Fresh vegetables in salad contain lots of vitamins and important other elements that are necessary for the body.

Citrus Fruits:

citrus food

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C and water content. These fruits mainly including oranges of all types and grapefruits are much healthier to eat especially as far as obese people are concerned. As an added advantage the Immune system is also enhanced by eating citrus fruits. Toxins and waste materials are shredded away from the body and you feel filled up after eating a few numbers of oranges or grapefruits but at the same timeless calories, intake is there in the body.


Peas/ Legumes:


Considerable types of peas or grains mainly legumes have a very good impact on the health, moreover, eating much amount of such legumes also does not have as such an impact on weight.



Fish is yet another type of healthy food. Provided that fish is not cooked in a method like a deep fry. If cooked in a method like grilling or air fry fish gives its optimum benefits to the health. Fish contains omega 3 along with fish oil, both are very good for health

Boiled Eggs:

boiled eggs

Boiled eggs, preferably without yoke also have a low impact on gaining weight. In fact, eating a few eggs will make you feel filled for many hours and also this would give you a lot of energy. However, care must be taken if you are suffering from blood pressure or any heart disease. Such people must consult the physicians regarding the number of egg proteins allowed for them.




Cereals, particularly Oatmeal may be eaten in a considerable amount have a lesser effect on weight. Oatmeals have a bundle of health benefits. The fiber content in oatmeal is relatively high as compared to many other types of foods. Breakfast containing oatmeals gives a lot of nutrients to the body right at the beginning of the day.



Popcorns are made up of corn seeds/grains. These seeds become popcorn at a controlled temperature with very less amount of oil. One must avoid using butter and instead oils with low fat i.e vegetable oils may be used for making popcorns. Slight salt may be added if required. One may eat popcorn without fear of getting fat. One cup of popcorn would contain fewer calories to be digested by our stomach.


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