MTN data packages and plans

MTN data packages and plans

The MTN Data Plan has been changed, and you may select from a variety of data packages depending on the kind of device you’re using and how much data you use. If I’m not mistaken, MTN Nigeria has operated in the nation for more than 20 years.

Similar to other networks, MTN offers a variety of internet bundles, including Daily, Weekly, Hours, Monthly, Midnight, and Weekend options.

If you don’t want to buy a data bundle and you only need a small amount of data to complete a few tasks or browse the internet, MTN now offers Pay as You Go browsing for 5 kobo per kilobyte, which is pricey over the long term but more practical.

The good news is that MTN now has a 4G LTE network band in a few key locations across the nation. Therefore, you can browse up to 25mb/s faster if your smartphone supports 4G networks.

If MTN is not the best option in your area, you can switch to Airtel, Glo, or 9Mobile. Internet connections from service providers, including MTN, can vary and sometimes their strength in some areas doesn’t work as expected.

List of 2021–2022 MTN Data Plans & Data Subscription Codes

There are various categories of MTN’s data plans, as well as an MTN Daily Data bundle. The Daily Data bundle has a 24-hour duration. The MTN daily data plan will expire tomorrow at 12 PM if you activate it by today at 12 PM.

To activate, dial *131#, or use the MYMTN App for N6,000.

30 Days of 45GB Always-on Data Capacity – Text 163 to 131 to Activate for N6000

Text 117 to 131 to activate the 40GB Data Bundle for the price of N10,000 for 30 days.

A text message to text 150 to 131 will activate a 75GB data bundle for N15,000 for 30 days.

For N20,000, text 149 to 131 to activate the 120GB Data Bundle for 30 Days.

The MYMTN App is required to activate a 200 GB data cap that lasts for 30 days.

MTN’s 2 Months of Data

For those who would rather activate a data bundle in the first month and never have to worry about the next month, MTN offers a 2-Months data plan, which is a comprehensive data package.

MTN 2-Month Data Plans can be activated by:

For N8,000, text 119 to 131 to activate the 30GB data cap for 60 days.

Text 118 to 131 to activate for N20,000 and get a 100GB data cap that lasts for 60 days.

Text 138 to 131 to activate the 160GB data cap for 60 days for N30,000.

3 Months of MTN Data

With its strict data cap on subscriptions, this MTN data bundle subscription is designed to last you for up to three months.

The MTN 3-Months Data Plan can be activated by:

The 400GB Data Bundle costs N50,000 and is activated by texting 133 to 131.

Text 134 to 131 to activate a 600GB data bundle that lasts for 90 days at a cost of N75,000

MTN’s 6 Months of Data

The 6-Months data plan list only offers one data subscription choice, and this data plan is intended for frequent data users.

For the MTN 6-Month plan to be activated:

800GB Data Bundle costs N90,000 and is valid for 6 months by dialing *131*115#.

Yearly Data Plans from MTN

MTN data packages and plans

Do you wish to make your subscription payment simply once a year? The Yearly Data Plan from MTN is another service that allows you that choice.

To start the MTN Annual Data Plan:

1TB Data Bundle costs N100,000 and is valid for 365 days when you text 135 to 131 to activate it.

2.5TB Data Bundle Costs N250,000 and Is Valid for 365 Days by Texting 136 to 131

Text 137 to 131 to purchase a 4.5 TB data bundle with a 365-day duration for N450,000.

N1000 Data Plan by MTN

You can text 106 to 131 to activate the MTN N1000 data plan, or you can dial *131*106# to activate the monthly N1,000 data bundle from MTN.

The majority of smartphone users choose this most popular plan on the MTN network, however it practically works on any device and lasts for 30 days.

Data Plan 200 for 1GB from MTN

Dial *131*65# to activate the MTN N200 for 1GB plan. The 1GB for N200 MTN Data plan should be noted as a night data plan that is only usable from 9 PM to 6 AM every day. activate

MTN 1500 Data Code for 6GB

Text 143 to 131 or call *131# and follow the prompts to activate the MTN 6GB data plan code for N1,500. Make sure to choose the weekly data bundle.

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